Wednesday, November 12, 2008

True Love kits from Lara Payton & Blushbutter

Well have I had fun this morning!! After not feeling like I was scrapping to well for a couple weeks now...and having to squeeze all the pages out, I tossed these 4 layouts together rather quickly this morning, and I actually kinda like them! *giggle*

I'm especially in love with this first one of my beautiful niece, but then I really love this photo of her. Its one of her Sr. Photo's, one that my Dad is particularly fond of I think, and I love it too, although there are others I love a lot too.

This 2nd one, is some more Sr photos. She is a big John Deere Fan, so had to have some taken with a John Deere tractor. I did these two pages for my own yearly book, which is why they aren't square to fit in hers.

Kit Credit for these first two layouts: True Love by Lara Payton

Speaking of Lara, when you go to her site to pick up this beautiful kit, look in her freebie section, she has a free heart crochet doily in there that she made with her really cool new crochet brush/layer style set! I've got to get that(brush/layer style), and do some playing, and see what I can come up with myself. :)

These next two layouts are photos from my wedding. My MIL & BIL putting my cake together. I always wanted a cake with steps, and didn't figure I'd be lucky enough to get it, cause of the added expense, but since my MIL used to own a bakery, she made all her kids wedding cakes, so I got lucky and got my steps!!! DH & I looked all over the KC area for them, and finally found them in a little shop in Indep. and boy was I ever so happy. I just wish I had gotten them after the wedding, but they seem to have disappeared. Thankfully I have my photo's though. :)

Kit Credit for these last two layouts: True Love & Digital Silver Heritage frames by Blushbutter

Don't forget that ALL the Digi Shop Hop gals have a "True Love" kit in their shops, and they are only $2.00 each through the end of this month!!! As you can see they make beautiful layouts, so don't miss the special price. You can get mine here.

Well I have to say, I'm surprised to be posting today, kinda didn't think I'd get anything done, especially after yesterday, but I'm so happy I did. I still have a couple LO's I'd love to get done this week (for sure) so hopefully I'll be able to post them in here before deer season starts this weekend...just in case we get a deer and have to work on that, instead of scrap.

I hope you are all having a great week! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, I really appreciate them. :)


  1. Scrounger3:56 PM

    HEY! I helped on the cake, too!

    Yeah, it sure would be nice to have those steps, but we'd never convince anybody that WE bought them....

    Nice layouts of Kali. The one with the tractor is even ok. Pretty girl, rotten tractor.....
    Where did we go wrong? LOL!

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    You know what, im thinking something is wrong with you. Thats what it is. not me you. Ur just jelous cuz u dont know what is good and didnt get ur pic taken with a beautiful JD. Sorry. That is really sad.



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