Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dogs & Cats

High Ground

Some of our cats don't mind the dogs (doxie's) but the oldest kitten (Patches) isn't fond of them along with the Momma cat. The oldest kitten has swiped at Peaches enough that she leaves her alone, and when the Mom sees either of the dogs coming towards her, she runs and gets to high in the above photo that I took today. Course that's what Autumn loves, she LOVES to chase the cats...Peaches just wants to play with them so she chases them to hopefully catch them and play.

For some reason, I don't think that Patches has taken a swipe at Autumn, cause if Autumn gets attacked by a cat, she usually attacks back, and they end up running for their lives. I've not seen Patches doing that, so she must have lucked out and not irritated Autumn...and Peaches just wants to play and doesn't fight anything yet, so Patches is safe swiping at her. I have to admit, I'm kinda mean and laugh when Autumn attacks cats after they attack her cause it's funny....and I can't say I blame her, they started it but she doesn't have a problem finishing it. She's a girl after my own heart! *giggle*

For those of you who have actually met Autumn....and know how spoiled she is....look out, cause ummm I think Peaches is more so! *gasp*

I've known Peaches wants held when she wants to take a nap, least if I'm sitting down (well she does when I'm standing too, but then she just follows me around or lays on my feet if I'm standing still) cause she will sit and look at me and bark till I pick her up. Twice today, I was sitting checking something on the computer but not planing on being there very long, so when Peaches barked wanting up to be held for a nap I ignored her so she jumped from the short stool I have in my office up onto my leg that wasn't to far away, but high enough up I didn't think she would be able to make it yet. Guess now I can't get away with sitting at my computer without holding her for at least a little while when she wants to nap. *giggle*

She's growing up!! LOL Pretty soon she will figure out she can jump up onto the couch, then Autumn won't have anywhere she can go to get away from her...poor baby.

One of these days maybe I can get another photo of Peaches...I've not managed to for a little while, when I tried she stuck to close to me to get one so I gave up. I should have got one outside, but she didn't do anything different and cute, so I didn't. There was a cute photo op this morning, but I didn't have my camera. Autumn was siting in a sunbeam, and Peaches went and laid down right beside her. It was adorable with both of them laying side by side and looking at me.

Autumn still has her grouchy times (a LOT of them) but she does play now and then with Peaches. Usually it's with DH around, but this morning I went into the bedroom for something and they both came in there and started playing. I think it's the first time they played together with just me around. Autumn still seems kinda sad but hopefully she will get over Rascal's death as well as the addition of the little pest, and come out of the funk she's been in for the last several months soon.

It's never boring around here with our animals, so that's a good thing. I've kinda been in a bit of a funk myself, and am having trouble getting motivated to do to much. *sigh* My posts may slow down with winter coming anyway, since I won't be posting about our animals as much as I do in the warmer months. We will see how it goes. (I just don't like the snow and cold avoid them as much as possible. LOL) If I could get motivated, maybe I'd have a little more to share about what I'm doing inside...besides the usual things that are to boring to blog about. LOL

Hope everyone has been having a good week! I better run and get some more done around here. Gotta finish the laundry and make it so DH can use my printer over the home network, since his died (naturally shortly after we bought him some new ink) as well as finish cleaning some things in the then I'm sure it will be time to think about supper.

Have a wonderful weekend...if I don't manage to post again before then. :)


  1. We have a cat named Buddy that goes outside (the other three are indoor only). Well, one of the neighbors has a weiner dog, whose name is also Buddy. (There are leash laws here in Oregon, but no one cares to follow them up here in the country. It's so frustrating.) ... Anyway, Buddy-Dog will come into our yard sometimes, and our Buddy DOES NOT LIKE IT. He chases Buddy-Dog out as fast as he can. It's so funny to watch a dog being chased by a cat. *lol*

  2. *giggle* That WOULD be funny! Sometimes I wish our cats would teach the dogs to leave them alone...but it may be just as well with Autumn cause she would just fight them, least she has so far. Rascal would avoid the ones who clawed him....but not Autumn. LOL


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