Thursday, January 06, 2011

Enjoying our Calf

Feeding time

We've been enjoying our calf today, even if she is making more work...and not letting us get as much done as we wanted to again today. I've even got to feed it a couple times, although DH did it the first time. She wasn't as hard to get her to take the bottle as we thought she might be...although unless DH straddles her at first, to hold her still it's hard to get her started. I'm sure that will change, once she really gets used to the bottle. The nice part about it is, it's making her like us better...she even follows us when we leave after feeding her, in a few days maybe she will come running when she sees us...if we are lucky. LOL

Learning about a bottle

Poor Mabel...she has really bad edema, so her bag is HUGE, yet we can't get anything out of it. We've been rubbing peppermint oil and coconut oil on it, but it's so bad that's not totally taking care of it, so DH went and got a bottle of something to give her from the vet and has to give her a shot for three days. Hopefully that will help take down the swelling and any infection she might have in there so we can see if she is going to be able to feed her calf or not. Till we figure this out, we don't want to let Daisy take it over...cause Mabel should have the chance to raise her own baby, so we will have to bottle feed it for a few days.

Poor Daisy

This means poor Daisy has been pacing on the other side of the fence all day, moooooing over the fact that she can't get into "her" baby. LOL I feel sorry for her too, cause I know how she is with babies...even if they aren't calves, but I hate for her to totally take it over, if Mabel will be able to mother it in a few days. *sigh* It's so hard to know what is the right thing to do, when we are still kinda "new" with cows.

Love the eyelashes

But just look at those long eyelashes...I don't know why but I love them! LOL Loved the long white ones that Belle had, but these are so pretty too.

Our new baby girl!

Anyway, for a calf, this one is kinda cute! LOL I still think baby goats are cuter...but who knows, maybe calves will grow on me too. Oh one other thing...we think she may be naturally polled, I guess her daddy didn't have horns (naturally) so there was a chance she wouldn't, and we don't feel any buds on her head, so we are thinking we won't have to dehorn her. That would be nice. :)

Just thought I'd share more photos, now that I got a little better ones. There are of course MORE on flicker if ya want to see them. I've gotta run, cause supper is finished and then we have to go help a neighbor set up his new computer, so the long busy day isn't over yet. LOL Hope every ones week is going good! :)

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  1. I hope Mable is able to feed her baby.... But poor Daisy! *lol*


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