Thursday, January 06, 2011

It's a girl!!!

It's a GIRL!!!

Mabel had her baby...and it's a girl!! Yippee!!!!!!! *giggle*

Unfortunately, we missed the actual birth. DH went out at three something (in the middle of the night) and thought she was acting a little strange, but couldn't tell for sure...she didn't have the signs Daisy did I guess. So came back in, and figured he would go out again in a couple house, but fell asleep and didn't wake up for three hours, and by the time he got up, dressed and out there it was already born. So poor me, I didn't get to take photos of the birth this time....*cry*.

I'm just thankful it's a girl, and Mabel didn't have trouble having it. She is a little bigger cow, and the baby was all Jersey instead of being a beef cross, so guess that could make a difference between her having it with no problem, and Daisy needing a little help.

Did I mention it was a girl? *snicker* I was really REALLY hoping for a girl, cause Mabel has such a pretty face, and I was hoping to be able to keep a girl from her since she has so many problems with her bag...she won't be able to really be a good milk producer for us. Maybe Mabel can keep giving us babies though...depending on how she does with this one.

It's a GIRL!!!

Now we get to try to feed this little one the colostrum we saved from Daisy...that could be fun. LOL Not sure how easy it is to get a calf to nurse on a bottle, but guess we will find out. (Goats aren't real easy, but least they are small enough to hold onto easier. LOL) She needs the colostrum to live...and Mabel may give her some, she may not. We haven't tried milking her to see if she is going to have milk in more than the one quarter or not.

Mabel's bag is HUGE though, man I can't believe how HUGE it is! If the two quarters that didn't work last time she was in milk, don't work this time, she is going to be sore for a while till it starts getting absorbed back in I'd think...poor girl. That's one reason we will have to see if we want to breed her see how she does with her bag and if she can feed her baby enough. If we had another cow in milk, I wouldn't mind if Daisy took her over (like she wants to do) but darn it, I want cream, and if she took over being "Mom" we wouldn't get any. LOL

Speaking of Daisy, she was sick earlier this week, and didn't give us any milk for a couple days, but thankfully after talking to friends and the vet we figured out what was wrong, treated her and she is back on the mend! I guess she was going into milk fever or something like that, which is a lack of calcium...but once we treated her the first time she got steadily better. Praise God for Friends who know cows better than we do! LOL Special thanks to Rena, for the wonderful drench instructions she gave DH over the worked like a charm! :)

Ahhh the things we are learning about cows...who knew they could be so darn interesting. :)

Well I better get off here, I do apologize for the not so good photos, the light wasn't good as it was early, and I was to far away for my flash to do a real good job...I lightened them a little in photo shop, but then the "noise" shows up more since I still haven't learned to take photos in low light. LOL Hopefully I can get better ones later today...or the next few days! I'm sure I'll share them when I get some good ones. :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am SOOOO Happy for y'all!!! I know you've been waiting such a long time for a girl! Absolutely wonderful! Enjoy! Have loads of fun! Get LOTS of photos! God bless y'all with loads of great things in life - including milk!

  2. I'm glad you got your girl this time!!!! :) Congrats on the new baby!!!!


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