Friday, January 07, 2011

On the move...

On the Move

It's been one of those weeks. Unexpected delays have kept me from accomplishing a lot of what I wanted to do this week, not that the calf was unexpected...but just one of many delays that have plagued us this week. LOL

First we found out that instead of mailing the back brace my DH was needing, the VA insisted we had to go get him "fitted" for it, all the way to Omaha, instead of Lincoln...which actually while it's a little further, it's not THAT bad, easy enough to do in half a day if you don't make to many other stops while you are there in the big city. I just hated to have to go...especially with Mabel being so close to calving.

Monday, we thought we might have to call and put it off, cause Mabel fooled us into thinking she was close again, but then Tuesday morning got here and no sign, so with a neighbor promising to look in on her we headed out to get the brace, so DH could have a little more support when he's doing the chores, since his back is about shot. Anything to delay surgery is ok with me...even if it includes a extra trip to the BIG city. LOL

On the Move

Then Wednesday we heard about a woman who had some canning jars she was giving away, so we decided to take a nice drive in the country and go pick them up since we wouldn't be gone that long, and Mabel wasn't showing any immediate signs of calving. We knew the company who moved our house, was going to be moving a big shed down the road we wanted to take, but figured they would be long gone from that stretch, by the time we got there...needless to say we were wrong again...they were just popping into view as we turned onto the road.

A friend of ours works for the company, and he was sitting by the highway, to let people know they might not WANT to take that road, so we sat there and talked to him while we waited for the building to get up to us and on by. It took a while, cause they had to move a couple power lines, and it's always slow going when they are moving a building, but it was interesting and naturally I had to get photos. LOL

On the Move

It was a pretty nice sized shed...took up the whole road as you can see. They finally got it over the highway and out of our way, so we went on to pick up the jars. We ended up with 5 dozen pints and almost 3 dozen quarts for free (except for the gas to go get them) so that will be a nice addition to my stockpile of jars. Especially since I can't usually buy to many at a time, and I almost ran out this last canning season. This way I'll have more for next years canning...hopefully we will have a better garden. :)

Bottle Time

The baby was up bouncing around this morning...well according to DH, I didn't make it back out there yet. I'm so behind in the house I doubt I'll be catching up anytime soon, but sure gotta try. Above is a photo DH took yesterday one of those two times I was feeding it (Finally, you say, a photo of me, even if you can't really see my face. LOL). Gotta love feeding a baby her bottle. :) Least it was a half way nice day out's windy today so not as nice.

Mabel's bag is less red today, hopefully that means the edema is starting to go away, so maybe she will be less swollen and more comfy. Daisy is still not happy, she wants "her" baby. LOL DH thinks she is holding up on us again, darn cow, least I do have a little butter in the freezer, to get us through a month or two. Maybe by then we can find another cow, if we do have to give this calf to Daisy to raise. It would make life easier, as then we wouldn't have to feed it so often, but it's kinda nice doing it some as it's making it more friendly. Friendly is GOOD for a milk cow. :)

We still have to think of a name for the calf...any ideas for us?

I better run for now, gotta make butter and cheese yet and the day is half gone already. Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. It's too bad your DH's back causes him so much pain. :( Back pain sucks!! Hope the brace helps!


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