Saturday, January 08, 2011

Pooch Perch & a Name

Pooch Perch

When we went to get the jars the other day, we took the dogs, since Autumn LOVES to travel and Peaches hates being locked in the kitchen (which we still do since she still can't hold her own with Autumn, besides Peaches needs to ride in the car a little more so she gets used to it).

Peaches isn't really a happy traveler, but she makes the best of it at times. She crawled up and sat on DH's shoulder's as he drove as it was one of the only places she could be to get out of the sunshine (it was rather warm coming through the windows). She put her head on his shoulder to watch out front some...and snoozed with her head down...and looked out the side window at times.

Pooch Perch

She finally decided it was time to get down, so started trying to turn around, without falling down between the seats. I put my hand back so hopefully I could catch her, and she looked at me like "I a big girl now, I can do it myself!", LOL

Pooch Perch

She did however show her gratitude for me trying to help, even if she didn't REALLY need it, by giving me a kiss on my hand. :)

Course then she decided she was comfy, and lay down on my arm expecting me to leave it there for her enjoyment.

Naturally she was sadly mistaken...and not real happy...when I moved my arm and her, back to my lap and the hot sun. *giggle*

New Baby Girl!!

In other news, DH is on his way to the big city of Lincoln. One of his older cousin's died (Ella Marie) the other day so he has to go to the funeral today. I stayed home to make sure the calf got fed, cause the funeral isn't till 11:30 (he left early as he had a stop to make), which means he won't be home till well after the calf's lunch time. Poor me...I'd love to see some of the family who will be there, especially DH's Aunts, but I guess that's the price we pay for loving living on a farm that has animals...once in a while we have trouble with them and have to be around more.

Speaking of the calf...we have a name for her now!!! We got to talking and DH said when he was talking to a friend on the phone, they suggested we call her Apple...keeping with the fruit names, since we had Peaches. Well that got me to thinking, and since we have Daisy (which we named cause we didn't know if she had a name when we got her...Mabel already had her name.) I though maybe we should stick with flower names for our milk cows, least for a while. LOL After all they are like "flowers" on our farm, cause we enjoy them a lot. Ok, well maybe it's stupid, but anyway we decided to pick a flower name.

DH went and found a list of flowers online and went down through it...naturally I thought rose would be a good name, but that's cause I love roses. LOL DH said Petunia which I thought was cute...but he finally settled on Clover for her, he thought that was the best name for the newest member of our herd...and since I didn't mind it for a name I didn't veto it. LOL If

So Clover is now the newest (and youngest) member of our Milking herd...hopefully she grows up and gives us many years of that wonderful milk I love to play with. :)

We are suppose to get some snow this weekend which I'm sure Clover won't like, but we will see if we get much...the last several snows that came through only left us a heavy dusting (I'm not complaining!) but I'm sure we can't expect that to be the story for the whole one of these times it will hit and give us more. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend! I better get off here and get some things done. :)


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    What does a "Mabel" flower look like????


  2. A Mabel flower is some black on it's "face" and 4 legs and huge udder! *giggle*

    We didn't name her, so it's ok she isn't named after a flower. All girls that we name should have a flower name though, least till we run out of flowers we think would make a good name for a cow. LOL

  3. I think Clover is a good name. :)

    I am hoping we get one good snow this year, but Joe isn't... Because he has to drive in it! *lol*


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