Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Cow

Happy Daisy

We have a line on another cow, (just haven't been able to go see it yet, cause it actually snowed here darn it! LOL We don't really want to get out on the snow covered roads with a trailer.) so decided to let Daisy become a 2nd Mom to Clover. It will make our life easier and be better for her to be raised by Mom's instead of us to my way of thinking.

We are still bottle feeding her a little bit in the middle of the day...just to make sure she IS getting enough during these first days (DH makes sure she gets on Daisy morning and night)plus that reinforces her friendliness...lets her know she gets good stuff from the two legged mom's too. *giggle*


Daisy was sure happy! She had a major attitude about being locked away from it, but you can sure tell it's changed now that she has "her" baby again. She just LOVES babies, doesn't matter if they are cows or goats, they are all hers if she has anything to say about it. LOL

Mabel's bag is doing better, she was only giving milk out of one teat last time she was in milk, so we didn't really expect that to change...and it hasn't, but least DH is now able to get some out of that one...and Clover is too. So now she has two Mom's to drain, and she is doing a pretty good job of it too. No milk for us, least not from Daisy...and Mable may have some, but it's to soon for us to want to keep it, so the cats get to enjoy a milk breakfast and supper now...if there is any left after Clover gets done. LOL

Daisy isn't back up to full strength with her milk flow I don't think after being sick, or she wasn't before she was turned loose with Clover. I wouldn't have thought that Clover would be taking ALL of Daisy's milk, yet, but who knows maybe she is. Daisy hasn't ever been a huge producer for us, but she had enough to keep us in butter and cheese so I couldn't complain. I do hope she starts producing more milk, if we don't manage to get another cow to soon, just cause at least that way I would be able to make cheese...even if I didn't get cream for butter.

It's just so funny to see Clover following Daisy around more than Mabel. It doesn't seem to bother Mabel any, she seems happy to have Daisy take charge. I think that with Mabel being from a Dairy to begin with, she was used to not having her babies with is happy to share the care of Clover now. :)


As for Clover...she is doing great so far! This morning DH said she didn't really want to go out into the snow at first, but later we saw her out running around in it, and she even ventured half way to the creek by herself in her morning romp. She would run out into the pasture a ways...then turn and race back up by the barn where her "Mom's" were feeding their face, then back out to the pasture again. Ahh the joys of new babies, they are so much fun to watch. :)

Sadly I didn't manage to get a photo of her playing in the snow...we were having to much fun watching her out my office window to think of grabbing my camera and running to the front door...till it was over anyway. LOL Maybe I can think of it next time I see it, and try to get a good photo of her in the snow. LOL The above photos were taken this last weekend, before the snow hit.

Well better run, have things to do around the house. Hope everyone had a great weekend! :-))


  1. I just love the eyes on a dairy cow!!! So " Hollywood " pretty! Think that's where the false eyelashes came from? LOL

    I sure hope Mabel takes a turn for the better, soon!! Keeping fingers crossed for her!

  2. It's nice to know that Daisy is around to help with the baby. :)


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