Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thrifty Tip - Washable "Swiffer" cloths

Thrifty Tip

With trying to save money more and more lately, I've been trying to think of what I could use that is washable to replace the disposable swiffer cloths that I love to use to sweep my floor. I've used a swiffer sweeper for years and love how it picks up dust instead of just moving it around and hated to go back to a dust mop, yet hated to keep buying the cloths that are made for the sweeper.

I got to looking around and thinking that maybe the microfiber cloths would work good at collecting and keeping a hold of the dust instead of just moving it around, and yet be washable. However they always seem so expensive when I saw them, so never got any to try.

Last week, when we had to go to Omaha, DH needed something at Harbor Freight, so I went in with him and found a bag of 10 microfiber cloths for just under 8 bucks! I decided to splurge and try them, cause I figured I'd be able to use them for other things, if they ended up not working for the swiffer.

I have used them more than once now, and they seem to work beautifully! In fact...I think they just may keep a little more of the dirt on them, than the swiffer cloths did! I haven't managed to wash any and reused them, to make sure they do as well after they are washed, but I don't know why they wouldn't.

I'm glad I splurged and got them, cause now I can stop buying those expensive swiffer cloths!! Yippee!! :)

Just thought I'd share this idea, in case any of you readers love using a swiffer, but hate the expense of keeping the cloths on hand. Course who knows...maybe you are way ahead of me, and have replaced them with a microfiber cloth years ago. LOL

Or do you all have carpet everywhere?

P.S. I replaced my Swiffer wetjet last year with a Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop (there are other brands out there but this one felt the best in my hands...others may work better for you), cause I can use my own cleaning solution in it and refill it...as well as wash the pads. I couldn't stand the smell of the toxic wetjet cleaning solution plus it seemed to leave a sticky film on my floor, so was so thankful to chuck it out the door. LOL I'm loving my reveal mop, and especially loving not having to buy the pads and cleaning solution for the wetjet any longer!!! These little mops really make it nice and easy to do a small cleanup job. :)


  1. I've been using the microfiber cloths that Scotchbrite recently began putting out there. But they're smaller than the ones in your photo. And you're right - they're awesome! They absorb a LOT better and they pick up equally and better than the others. They last a long time, too, considering the things I do with them. LOL

  2. Well see, I haven't gone looking in that isle for a while, except just to grab what I'm after. Guess I should look around more so maybe I'd know something better was out there. *giggle* Course I like the large size of these, cause I can use them for other things too...but I guess smaller ones would work to. I just hate shopping usually, so get in and get out is what I like to do...and that doesn't include time to look at what might be new. LOL


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