Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bar-B-Que anyone?

Carnage in the garden.
Carnage in the garden.

Our cows got out last night, and the Okra in the garden suffered...thankfully there is still some left that survived, and not to much else was damaged...but if there had been, I think we would be having a huge Bar-B-Que!

*sigh* The okra was looking so good too.

Praise God they didn't destroy the whole thing...and in fact left it pretty much intact...just stomped several of the okra plants and a couple Broccoli plants look a little worse for wear as well as maybe a few beets. All in all way better than I feared, when I saw they were out.


  1. Cows.... weeds... grass... all the same here at this house. Our garden is looking worse than yours, Hon. I'm ready to turn the chickens loose out there.

  2. Darn those cows anyway... They were probably thrilled to be out and about in such a tasty area! ;)


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