Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A friend's quick visit.

Silly Peaches

We had a friend here this last weekend, she came in to help us this summer, and ended up having a family emergency, so had to leave again far to soon, but it was so good to have her here for even a little bit. I'm sure God has his reasons for sending her home, I guess he must figure we can do without her help after all.

The dogs warmed up to her real quick, Autumn always loves to meet new people, and while Peaches loves people, she usually stands back for at least a little bit, but within a couple hours she was climbing all over Bethani, and happy to get some extra attention from her.

One afternoon, Peaches was sitting beside Bethani, with Bethani's arm around her and she fell asleep, sitting up like a person does. She then slumped forward in her sleep, and I couldn't resist a photo of her. Course DH came in, and then went and got my camera so I could get one, and she woke up...but I still had to get a photo of her slumped forward cause she was so funny...yet cute.

Even Autumn wanted to sit by Bethani, and even rolled over for a tummy rub...something she never does for us. I think the dogs really loved her, and it appeared like Bethani really liked them too. :)

Bethani by a corn field

Bethani had never seen some of the crops we have in the fields here, as she is from Oregon, so we made sure before taking her back to meet her plane, that we got some photos of her by a corn field.

It was a long trip, for such a short visit, but thankfully God was with her and got her back home safely. My prayers are with them now, and hopefully the family emergency that called her back home isn't to bad.

Now...we've gotta try to get things done around here ourselves, promises how much posting there will be in the next few weeks...probably depends on how much time I have to get photos of anything interesting, and get them off my camera, and just how much I end up having to can from the garden...only time will tell on that! :)

I do hope everyone is having a good summer so far though! It's suppose to be really hot here for several hopefully all the animals (and us) will manage to make it through without any trouble. Take Care out there.

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  1. Sorry your visit was cut short. Hope all is well with her family.



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