Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden update!

More firsts from our garden.

Just a quick note to say we have gotten several zucchini and a cucumber this week...and I picked our first tomato this morning as well as more okra being picked! DH was mowing today, and moved some of the cantaloupe vines out of the grass so he could mow, and told me later that he saw a bunch of little melons growing too! It will be a while for them, but I can't wait, cause I do love them!! :)

I have to admit I'm still a little surprised we are getting anything from it since we've not managed to garden to well in the past. I've been impatiently waiting for some zucchini though...cause I wanted to come up with a good oven fried zucchini recipe for my book. I've tried something, now to revise it till I get it like we want it. :)

I'm really SO READY for a break from this heat! It makes it hard to get enough done outside, and even though we have air inside, I get wore out doing the outside jobs so have trouble WANTING to get busy on the inside ones. *sigh* Guess what gets done gets done...and what doesn't...well, it will have to wait. Fall will be here eventually! :)

Off to bed now though cause I'm tired! Hope everyone is having a great week! :)

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  1. Sounds like your little garden is doing quite well! That's awesome! :)


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