Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Peaches!

It's somebodies 1st birthday today...we tend to celebrate our fur babies birthdays, least the first one, because they bring us so much joy, so today with Peaches turning one we had to do something special! LOL

Diving in...

I put a patty of hamburger on a plate, and stuck a candle in it and DH held her on his lap. With my camera ready, he let her get close, so I could try to get a photo of her looking at her birthday treat...she got a little TO close, and snagged a piece! *giggle*

"Ok fine, it's can I eat?"

I finally got a photo of her looking at it like she would die if she didn't get some NOW, and DH helped blow out the candle for her, since she was distracted by the yummy hamburger. LOL Course he had to hold her back, or it would have been gone...down the birthday girl. LOL

After the photo session, we let her finish her treat and gave Autumn some too. After all she can't be left out.

The Birthday Girl

Last night Peaches was hot and heavy into wanting to play with all her fact she wanted to a LOT yesterday and lately she hasn't been as adamant about playing least not for as long as she was yesterday. Makes you wonder if she knew she was going to have a birthday today and was all excited! *giggle*

The Birthday Girl

I sat in the dinning room and threw the ball for her for a little bit...and got some photos in the process. She does love playing ball! LOL When I got tired of throwing I went back to doing what I was doing, and she went to DH to con him into playing with her. It was back and forth all evening long between the two of us, till we went to bed.

She got a new "grown up" collar last night. I had gotten it when I bought her "baby" one, figuring she would grow out of that and need the other one long before now. She never did grow out of it, so I figured it was a good time to switch to the wider collar, so she got new "clothes" for her birthday. LOL Autumn got a new one too...cause her birthday is August 5th, so we figured we would give them both a pretty new (unfaded) collar at the same time.

This morning Peaches got a new large ball. Since it's her first birthday we figured she could have something extra...and she does love playing ball the best. She has been non-stop wanting to play with it since I first tossed it for her. LOL


She's changed somewhat from that cute little puppy we brought home last year, but not to much. She is still adorable, playful and full of joy that can be contagious at times. She certainly has brought lots of joy & laughter to our home since she has been here.

So I'm wishing our sweet Peaches a Happy First Birthday today, and praying for MANY MORE to come!! :)


  1. Happy Birthday for her!!! What a nice cake :)) She is gorgeous, a very beautiful little dog.

  2. Amazing how time flies by so quickly! Really tugs at the heartstrings when you look back at the first pictures and compare with any recent ones. Makes one wish they could always stay as babies... in just about every kind of being!

  3. Happy birthday to Peaches! We always celebrate the kitties birthdays too. We give them a can of soft cat food (and the others get a can too). They always love birthday time! *lol*


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