Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poor Baby...

Peaches fat lip

I was working around getting ready to make some soap this morning, when I happened to see Peaches and saw it looked like her lips were swollen. I picked her up and looked closer and sure enough they were getting bigger as I watched. I told DH something was wrong with her, and he looked and said she probably got stung.

The vet said to give her a benadryl tablet, to help take the swelling down which we did. It didn't take long for it to start going down, but I'm not so sure she will have learned her lesson...after all it got her some of her favorite thing, some raw hamburger so the pill could be wrapped up in it and go down the dog without her suspecting anything. LOL

I've warned her in the past when she went lunging trying to catch a bee or wasp that she was going to get stung...guess she didn't listen to well, or didn't understand me. Maybe I'm not real good at speaking "dog", even though I've had one forever and love them. LOL

Peaches fat lip

These photos of Peaches fat lip were taken with a new (but inexpensive) lens. I've been wanting a good lens that would turn out better portraits, cause our 20th anniversary is this year and it's about time to update our photo on the wall. The other lens I have would have worked...but I wanted one that would do even better and saw that canon had one that wasn't to expensive and had to have it. Now to find time to get some taken of the two of us, so I can send off and get a new 8X10 for our wall.

I do need to learn a little more about how to get good photos with where to focus on, cause as you can see with these, it focuses on a small spot, and the rest is less clear, the further away from that focused spot you get. I love that usually...just have to make sure I focus in the correct spot to get a good photo. I liked these two though...DH had to take the first one, cause she wouldn't stay on her back for him, so I could get that angle.

Can you tell she is MY baby?! LOL

Anyway...thankfully the swelling should be gone soon. And at least she isn't so allergic that she had big problems with the sting...and it happened when we were around. :)


  1. Poor Peaches! Hope she feels better soon!

    What lens did you get? ... The photos look awesome. Must be a nice lens. :)

    Of course, you always did take good pictures. :)

  2. Thanks Julie, I got the 50mm f/1.8 lens from canon. It's the cheapest they had that, that they said would still be good for portraits.

  3. Nothing like Ben A Dryl to save the day. She's such a cutie patootie! :)

  4. Awwww, Bless her little heart... and her fat lips!! What she might need to hear is that the Botox on those ditzy blondes she sees on commercials wears off. " It's just not worth it, Peaches! Besides... Beauty's only skin deep! Arrrff! "


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