Friday, December 23, 2011

Lip Balm and other personal care products

Homemade Lip Balm

I've been making a few more things the past week or so, along with getting my soap ready to be wrapped and put away till it finds a new home. Well some of it is going to it's new home right away, just gotta get time to finish packing it all up and ship it. LOL

Other than some lotion bars, and whipped body butter, I finally got around to making some lip balm! I've been addicted to a mint lip gloss for years, and have been wanting to make my own, so I can stop having to try and find the stuff I had been using, plus so I knew what was in it...and get away from the nasty stuff it contained.

Mine is a little different than the one I had been using, but still leaves a very refreshing feeling on my lips when I use it, because I made sure and put plenty of mint essential oil in it, so it tingles a bit when applied. I'm loving it!!

I lucked out actually, I hadn't gotten around to actually making lip balm, because I needed to sit down and figure out what I wanted in it, and just how much beeswax to use, to make it solid, yet not TO solid so it didn't work. The other day, a blog post came into my google reader, from a company I buy some of my soap supplies from, and it was asking their readers to e-mail them with a list of oils they have, and they would help us decide what to make with them and give us a recipe.

Well...I KNEW what I wanted to make, so I wrote them with my list, and told them I wanted a lip balm recipe with lots of mint, so I could replace the lip gloss I'd been using, and they whipped up a recipe using only supplies I had on hand that turned out to be perfect! It was fast and easy to make my lip balm then, since the hardest part was done for me...the figuring out what quantities of oils to use.

I may tweak it a little here or there as I make more, but least I have a good foundation to build from and can make it my own as I go forward. :)

If you would like to try your hand at making some, you can see the blog post where they share the recipe here.

Been Keeping Busy playing!

Anyway, this is just a small pile of what I've been getting together this week. This is some of what I plan on sending over to my family to try out one of these days...depends on when I get around to sending it. LOL I've got several other piles sitting around to go to other friends and family. I have a little more to make first, before I'm totally ready to send some of it off.

Between the soap, herbal salve, body butter, lotion bars and lip balm, I've been busy lately, but it's a really FUN busy! :-))

Now to finish up, so I can start again, on the soap anyway...although I really need to find the money to buy a few fragrance oils, cause I kinda ran out of some that I want to make again. :) I swear, this hobby is way more expensive than my digital scrapbooking one ever was! *giggle*

Oh well, least I get to play now and then...even if I can't find time to do a lot with ALL my different hobbies. :)

Ok, I gotta run, stay safe out there this weekend, if you are traveling! :-))


  1. Where do you get the empty things to put the lip balm in? I didn't know you could do that!!!!! ... Love the basket of goodies. So awesome!

  2. I get a lot of my containers from I have to say I've gotten more in love with that lip balm since I made's wonderful stuff!! :-))


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