Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pigs must be flying...

Our House

Several years ago, hubby informed me he wanted to move. I looked at him, to see if he was joking, since he does that a lot, but I could see he was dead serious.

I was shocked to say the least, we had finally realized one of the biggest dreams we had had, since we got married, that of living in the country on our very own farm, with animals and wide open spaces around us.

Needless to say I looked at him in dismay, and flatly said “No…I don’t want to” all the while knowing I’d follow him, wherever he went, should I have to.

I was totally against even thinking about moving though, and he let it alone, cause he knew I wasn't ready. "When Pigs Fly" were my thoughts on when I'd be "ready" to think about moving. *giggle*

Over the next few months God worked on me, so my thinking started going in DH's direction, if we could move, that might be a good thing…for one reason or another...except for the fact that I love our home here.

This farm that has housed our hopes and dreams, bringing us back to our childhoods at times (frogs in the spring time for me) and helped me learn how to be a farm wife...maybe not a GOOD farm wife, but a farm wife none the less, will be missed IF we do sell out.

I basically learned to can here, and garden…to make cheese and soap. I started my “traditional foods” journey here, learning to cook better and make somewhat healthier foods than I used to. Not to mention all the digital scrapbooking I’ve done here, the animals we've loved AND....last but certainly not least...this farm, taught me to love cows!

I have also felt linked ever so slightly to DH’s father, whom I had never met, here on our farm, because he used to own the land. I was happy here, the happiest I’d been, since my beloved Uncle died…it had been far to many years since I had felt this much at peace with life.

But the time has come to see if we can move on. DH is past ready to move away, and while I’m kinda worried about finding land, if we DO sell our farm, it’s always been exciting to me, to set up a new home, so I’m ready to, should God find a buyer for our land.

We've put our farm on the market…only time will tell if we will actually be moving or not. Prayers for God’s will in our life, would be appreciated. He knows what is REALLY best for us, so if he wants us to move…I’m asking for prayers that he finds a buyer, AND a farm for us to move to, that will “fit” us and most of our junk, and animals. Prayers for peace of mind for me would be appreciated too…cause while I’m happy to move, I’m a bit sad about it also, and certainly anxious as to what my new home will be like. I've loved this one so much.

So now the question of the day is...will we be moving...or will we stay here? Only time will tell!

I think I will like either way it goes (staying here or leaving)...each have their pro's and con's to me...DH is focused on the pro's I think, not thinking to much of the con's of moving...but that's my Man for ya. He usually always has a positive attitude and does much better in the not worrying department than I do. LOL

In the mean time...we have a life to continue, the cows still need milked, and a garden is still in need of planning for, as we will need food for the winter, no matter if we are here or somewhere else...so the work here will continue, and if God wills it...we will move on, when/if that time comes and the "offer" on our farm is right, even if I do have a garden growing.

I still have time to enjoy at least one more spring, here on Hillbilly Hill farm! I don't expect the farm to sell to quickly, if at all...so who knows, we may yet have many more springs here. We will just continue on, and see if it's in God's plans that we move. :-))

If you are in the market for a small farm, and want to live in SE Nebraska, find out more about our farm here! ;)


  1. I've gone from being beside myself... to tears just rolling, in a matter of reading this post. I know this must be one of the most difficult considerations of your life that you have ever given time for thought. People not familiar with country life cannot comprehend the ability to find love in every single footstep we take while tending to anything on our land. To walk away from that ever-abiding and precious investment our souls surrenders... takes an immeasurable load of courage and strength. Of course... without a second thought... I will offer prayers for y'all. But don't be angry if I ask God for giving y'all a blessing more rich than either of you might even imagine!

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers! Even though I've known about this for several weeks now, I still get that scared feeling in my chest from time to time...so I need all I can get! I'm not being to "brave" about moving, but will follow my Man and trust God to work things out for the best, even if I do relapse now and then and get that terrified "what are we doing!" feeling. :-))

  2. I don't know what to say. I think I may be in shock...



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