Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Girls...


Daisy FINALLY decided to have her baby! We've been waiting and waiting for her to calve, seeing sign's yet not having the baby show up. Finally the other evening (August 14th) she decided to give in, and share the baby with the rest of the world...or LOL Yippee!!!

The coolest part about it is...she had a girl!!!! This makes the 2nd girl born to us this year, and the first girl (and baby) born here on the new Hillbilly Hill Farm!

We named her she is Daisy's girl, and of course Shasta is a kind of daisy...strange maybe, but it works so we can keep our flower names for the girls we have. LOL

Daisy and Shasta

She seems so tiny...I know I probably think that with all of them, but this one really DOES seem tiny. Course her Mom isn't real big really, she is the smallest of the older cows we've that could be why.

Anyway, I don't know if we will keep her yet or not, kinda depends on how things go...and if we have enough grass. I'd love to, cause she is Daisy's favorite cow...but...we will see. That would mean keeping Daisy...Clover (cause she was the first girl born to us) Snowball (cause she is so pretty) and Shasta...(not to mention Honey at least for now...and I'm not sure how many 20 acres can handle, especially if we keep having drought for a few years.

Galen with Daisy and Shasta

For now, she is ours and I will sure enjoy watching her grow! She is already running around, enjoying herself, skipping around the barn yard so to speak. LOL Not fast but still totally adorable. :-))

Going to have to get that training she at least will let us led her on a rope...not to mention the milk cow training once the led training is going well.

All in all it's been an eventful week...and cooler with it! Least we haven't been sweltering during all that's been going on here.

In other Niece found out today she is having a baby girl too!! I'm looking forward to meeting our newest niece, the first of next year! :-))


  1. Ohhhh, my gosh!!! She's precious! Too cool! I am so excited for y'all! And wow... a new baby in the human family! Congratulations to all of you! Hope things go well and that sweet baby girl comes into this world loaded with energy for being spoiled!! lol

  2. So many babies! ... And yes, that is one cute little calf!


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