Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting ready for winter

Getting ready for winter

Between trying to work on getting a barn up (and then a chicken house hopefully) and all the other things we've had going on here lately, DH has also been working on stocking up on wood so we can stay warm this winter.

One thing we liked about this new house, was that it had a wood furnace outside, to heat the house with in the winter. Our Amish neighbor also owns a saw mill, and sells the extra end pieces cheaply so we thought that would be a good way to get wood to burn...and be cheaper to heat our house with in the winter

For this year anyway, DH stacked the wood by the fence into the barn yard, cause it wasn't to far away from the furnace (which you can see the top of between the wood and the house above)...we will see what we do next year, but for this first winter hopefully this will work.

Wood pile

Between DH and Dad, we've gotten quite a pile of wood already for winter. This is only part of they added to it since I took that photo. Hopefully that will be more than enough...cause I don't know that they are planning on getting more right now. From what I hear, the wood furnaces use less wood, than a wood stove in the house uses, so...maybe we will have plenty. The nice thing about it is, even if we need more, it's not to far to go get long as it's not so snowy we can't get out. :-))

It's nice seeing things come together...just hoping we don't have an early winter, so we have more time to get ready for it, cause we still seem to have a bunch left to do!  Loving the cooler temps this week though... that's helping a lot!  70's and 80's is so much better than the triple digit heat we had most of the summer!  :-))

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  1. That's a lot of wood! We've never heated a house with a fireplace or wood stove before, so I have no idea how much it takes.... But I do know that sometimes I wish we had a fire place, just for the ambiance of it. (I have no idea if I am spelling that right. *rofl*)


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