Wednesday, August 08, 2012


And my furniture is in now too!!

My hubby and Dad finished up getting my dinning room floor in this afternoon!! Yippee!!!

My Mom and I had to run to pick up some hamburger at the local locker plant, and when we came back, they were finished over by the kitchen (except for a trim piece). I walked in and saw how nice it looked all the way over to the lino and said WOW!

Wow! What a difference this floor has made! I'm loving it!! It's not the nice old wood floor I had in Tecumseh...but WOW!! I do really like the color, and it looks so much nicer than the carpet that was in there!

Now that the trim piece is there by the kitchen it's even nicer!! LOL

Our new wood floor!

Actually, this isn't the floor I'd have chosen, had I known it had the more rustic hand scraped look, cause personally I prefer a smooth floor. The sample piece we have wasn't like that...or least it didn't LOOK like it was. We didn't know it was like that till we opened the box to start installing it...and it was kinda late to change our minds. LOL Especially since I wanted my floor finished!

However, it does look good...maybe not as good as a smooth floor would have looked, but oh well. My brother did say that this shouldn't show scratches as maybe it's a good thing. It's what we looks, since God knows what we need better than we do...I'm good with it! :-))

The best part of the whole day was this evening, before Mom and Dad left...Dad and hubby carried my heavy dinning room furniture up from the basement and placed them around the room! It was like seeing an old friend after a long absence. A strange feeling to have for furniture, but man have I missed having my nicest furniture where I could see it! Now, I just have to fill it up...but I can do that over the next several days I'm sure! :-))

First though...the trim has to be finished up. But hubby will hopefully be able to get that done, we just ran out of time today...and stamina. LOL


While Hubby and Dad were finishing up the floor...Mom and I were making some salsa!! Thankfully Mom and Dad's tomato's are still producing a few tomatoes, in this horrible dry summer we are having, so I was able to get several jars of salsa made up for the winter! We got 8 quart jars and 6 pints...and hopefully we can get at least that many more...but will see if we keep getting tomatoes. We also hope to get some tomato sauce...but will see how it goes. :-))

All in all it was a busy/productive day! I sure love the end results...several jars of salsa and a dinning room that is almost finished!

One of these weeks...years...I may actually manage to take you on a little tour of our new home...till then I guess you just get to see it here and there.  *sigh*  We just keep way to busy lately, for me to think about getting more in-depth photos of the house.  LOL  Least now you can see a little more of our dinning room!

I was actually going to put my piano in here to...but think it will be living in the guest room for now, cause I don't think there is really room for it in here.  Sadly it doesn't get played all that much anyway, so it doesn't really need to be in a main room.

Ok, gotta get off here and get to bed, I'm really tired and have a LOT to do tomorrow...or least, if I can stop gazing around my beautiful dinning room I will...going to take me a little bit to get used to having it all together again.  The one room in my house I like to have NICE, is finally pretty much back to being nice!  :-))

Special thanks to my Dad, who did a lot of the back breaking bending over (and down on his knees) work, and my hubby who helped him out, and did the running back and forth to cut the end pieces, and laid out some of the rows to help Dad be able to work faster.  Also thanks to my brother for lending us his tools!  And...a big thanks to my Dad and hubby for carrying in the furniture, even after spending all afternoon finishing the floor...I didn't expect that at all!  Thanks to my Mom for helping me make the salsa, and helping with the setting up of my dinning room.  It's been an extra special day here on this Hillbilly Hill farm!  :-))


  1. It looks beautiful! It really makes the room. :)

  2. I love it, Deb! Beautiful! And what are those pads under the legs of your dining table? I could use some of those, myself!

    1. They are furniture robots...or sometimes called furniture sliders or movers I think. They do make it easier to move the table (although the groves in the floor make it a little harder to keep them under the table leg LOL) but mostly I use them to protect the floor. :-))


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