Monday, August 06, 2012

More than I deserve!

New Dinning Room Floor!
Last week, I was a bit down...several things converged to knock me for a loup...or least make me loose my temper a little to often. *sigh* I'm FAR from perfect. :(

However, after spending some time with family on Saturday...and petting my cow a while yesterday, I felt a LOT better. (Praise God!!)

Then, yesterday afternoon DH came in and said they were going to start on my Dinning room floor today, instead of starting the barn, so I was suppose to get as much out of the dinning room as I could.

My brother was planning on doing it for us (after all he does that kinda thing for a living) but hadn't found time to yet. I guess my Dad was tired of seeing him stressed out, so offered to do it for him, if we could borrow his tools.

I thought the barn needed done first...but what do I know. *giggle*

I have to say I'm thrilled! Can't complain it's getting done BEFORE the barn! I certainly didn't "deserve" it though...but wow, I'm extremely thankful that soon I won't have to squeeze through the basement, when I have to go down there.

Gosh I'm so happy, just THINKING about FINALLY being able to get my basement mucked out!!! Yippee!!!!!

New Dinning Room Floor!
They got about half of it down this afternoon. They didn't get started till afternoon, as there ARE other things to be done on a farm...but maybe, before the end of the week, I'll be able to see what my dinning room furniture looks like in my new dinning room!!!!!

I CAN'T WAIT!!! *doing a happy dance!*

I have the BEST Hubby and Daddy ever! Thanks so much you two, I LOVE you, AND already love my new floor!!! :-))

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  1. That flooring looks gorgeous! I'd love to have that in my home. :) Yay!!!


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