Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camera Shy

Camera Shy

I think Shasta is camera shy. I have been going out and helping DH milk Daisy several mornings without my camera, and wished I had it cause Shasta was running and jumping around the barn yard enjoying herself. Then, the one morning I do take it out, she just lays around looking pretty. LOL Makes it hard to try and get an interesting moving photo of her. Oh well, she is still cute...and growing!!

DH put a halter on her this morning while he was waiting for me to get out there and she didn't like it at all. He also took her for her first "walk" or in her case drag. LOL If she's anything like Clover it will take her a week before she really lets him walk her around on the led. I guess she fell over, and once he got her up she dug her heals in. I'm sure she will come around eventually...just gotta keep at it and give her time.

I do LOVE my farm babies, they are a LOT of fun!!  :-))

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  1. I think it would be fun to watch them learn to walk with the halter. *lol*

    Pretty picture! :)



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