Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gas...and back news

Electric piece of junk

This house was an all electric house when we bought it...I've never understood why anyone would want an all electric house (if someone is reading this who has one I just want to say "I'm Sorry!"). Ever since we got married, I've had a gas stove, and loved it. It's so much easier to use when you cook...and especially when you can, in my opinion.

I have not been happy having to use the darn electric stove (above) that came with the house, and especially since the large front burner stopped working. I almost always cook on the front burners...and some things like making cheese I just refuse to do on the back burner. With Daisy giving us milk now, I was hoping to start making cheese now and then, unless we are busy with canning...which we are some.

A couple weeks ago Mom talked to the local propane place, and found out they would do the digging and everything to get propane to the house (we thought we had to...which is why we hadn't gotten around to talking to them yet, since we hadn't had time to do that). We also found out the price for propane was WAY down so we hurried in to talk to them about getting us set up with a large tank full at the cheap price.


We finally got it installed today!! I haven't used my stove yet, cause we had supper at my they didn't finish installing it till after 6 tonight, but man I'm thrilled to finally have my gas stove back...even if it is just a cheap one (and a piece of junk GE one at that).

The strange part about today was...I was talking to my Mom on the phone when DH and one of the guys who came to install it came into the kitchen, so I got off the phone and went into the kitchen to see what was going to happen. As soon as I walked in the guy looked at me and said "hey, I know you!". Yes, I know it's not REALLY strange, since I grew up here...but it still is to me, cause I've been gone so long and haven't gotten used to people knowing me. LOL

Sadly, my memory is bad...especially this summer (I think it got fried in the move or something *sigh*) and I couldn't place the guy. It turns out I went to school with him, and I think he was kinda dejected that I didn't remember him. LOL Oops! Seriously, I don't remember a LOT of people...and some I MAY think I should know, but still have no idea who they actually ARE so in a way it was kinda funny...yet I felt bad cause he obviously knew me, and expected ME to know him...yet I didn't. *giggle*

Oh well, by the time he got everything installed, and I'd talked to him (mostly about his cousin who was a friend of mine in high school) some of it was coming back to me and I could vaguely remember him. As I remember he was quiet in school so wasn't one who irritated me, which is probably one reason I didn't remember him really (although did remember the that counts for something doesn't it?! LOL)

I really hate it when people know me, and I have no idea who they are. I know that will happen a LOT here, since I grew up here and don't remember people that well, but I still hate the fact that it will happen all to often now that we moved here. I'm not like DH, able to "fake" knowing guess I'll just have to be honest about it. Just hope they don't all get dejected when they figure out I don't know who the heck they are...cause that makes me feel bad for sure then. LOL

***Sorry Brad, don't take it personal. Except for a select few I don't remember to many people from back then. *grin* There are to many years, miles, moves and events between now and then for me to remember...especially when I tried to forget high school for the most part, since I never really liked it anyway. ;-))

Anyway...I'm just so happy to have my gas stove back!  I'm thanking God tonight for the fact that the company we decided to go with would do the complete install (for not to bad a price) instead of us having to do it ourselves.  We have enough to do before winter, we didn't need that too! other news...DH has had a set back on his back, not sure what he did, but it's really bothering him the last few days, bad enough to have to use his cane again.  I'd sure appreciated any prayers anyone is willing to send up, that he hasn't done any major damage to his back, and that he gets to feeling better again soon!

We have to go back next week to have it looked at (as he hadn't been released yet from his surgery of last summer) so we will see what they say...but hopefully by then he is starting to feel better.  I'm praying that he's just been doing to much...and hasn't actually messed something up.  I knew this move was a bad idea...when it came to his back, but what could we do...I couldn't do all the moving myself...and we didn't have so much help that he could get away from doing some of he did it.  It bothered him, but not this much...not sure what he did now, but hopefully it's just angry at him and will get better again without help from the doctors.  *sigh*


  1. Ohhh, boy. Do I get it about the canning on electric stoves. Can hardly wait until we get the gas cooktop installed. So sorry to hear about Galen's back. I really hope he hasn't messed something up enough to land him miles backwards in the healing. As for your memory... glass half full or empty? Go for the full glass! You're a few steps ahead in the 'getting to know the neighbors' part of this huge move!!! So... what's the first thing yer' gonna put away, now that you have the REAL stove up and running?!!

  2. Other than the propane stove in the camping trailer, I have never used a gas stove before... And to tell you the truth, the one in the trailer frustrates me. I can't seem to find a happy medium with the heat. It's always to hot or not hot enough. *rofl*


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