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Friday, August 31, 2012

Rambles about our week.

Barn Roof

Last week we got the barn roof on...not that we should have been doing it then, but I helped DH lift the panels, handing them to my Dad who then got them on up to my brother. Between all of us we managed to get it finished up. Just have the front left to do...but DH is slowly building some doors for the front, then we can get the rest of it covered. It's nice we got it finished...just would have liked to wait till we knew what was going on with DH's back. Somehow my "vote" didn't get counted though. :(

They used, used tin on the two sides and the back of the barn, cause we are hoping to add onto the barn on those three sides, so saved the good new white tin for the lean to's. That way they won't cost quite so much to build...and we can hopefully do it sooner. (Especially the one that will house the milk-room!) It's slowly coming together around here, and we are turning it into a usable farm for us! :-))

This week we haven't gotten to much done...I made DH slow down a bit cause of his back pain. We also had to make a trip back to his back doctor in Nebraska this week for his checkup...it's been a year and they wanted to see how he was doing. He basically got a pat on the back...yet also got a "talkin" to cause they were impressed that he was able to be back to doing more...yet obviously he had been doing TO MUCH...so they told him good job...but slow down a little! LOL They did say the rods and screws they put in his back looked solid, and didn't look like they were what was causing the pain, so they think he just did to much and his back was just telling him to slow down.

As long as it gets to feeling better they said they didn't need to see him for another year...so hopefully we won't be making a trip back to Nebraska to soon! Thankfully I think his back is responding to this slowing down I made him do, and he is feeling a little better, cause he didn't use his stick walking around outside today! That was good to see! :-))

It sure was nice to get a little good news this week...I really needed it after the last week. Everything was kinda getting me down.

While we were gone, we picked up some more cupboards I needed in the basement...so I could finish getting the basement organized and my soap room up and running! (Well...once I get finish on all of them, and get DH to install them and put in a drain for the sink in the soap room. That's plumbing, so may be kinda hard to get him motivated to do since he HATES it! LOL)

I've got the first round of them finished up today...so if it's not raining tomorrow (which it's suppose to) we could actually get the sink base and one of the upper cupboards over here and installed...but I won't hold my breath. LOL It's raining right now (remnants of the hurricane) so probably will be tomorrow also. Not that I'm complaining about getting rain for a change. LOL

Once I get all the new cupboards finished, I'll have room to empty the soap room boxes, most of my sewing room boxes should fit in the ones for there (least I'm hoping) and I'll actually have a place for stuff in our bathroom downstairs...we've been storing towels in a plastic tote there, and some other things are still in boxes (I can't believe they had a huge downstairs bath in this house but no linen closet for it!). It will be so nice to finally get most of the boxes unpacked! Love being organized...and that's something I've not been able to be here since we moved.

Sadly, since I decided to spend the last of my "house" money to get the downstairs organized...I won't be able to get new (and all matching) counter tops in the kitchen...but maybe we can save our pennies and do that sometime next year! I'm hoping anyway. I'd rather see mismatched counter tops than go crazy from the mess that is our basement at this time, so I can't complain to much. :-))

Anyway, I'm starting to feel like I'm closer to being able to finish organizing the house...and slowing down...depending on how the canning goes. Mom and I worked on more tomato sauce today...and hopefully will have more of that to do as well as apples, pears and beets. But...once all thats done...I SHOULD be able to take any of you readers I still have on a tour of my new home! LOL Been a LONG time coming I know...but I've just been far to busy this summer to have much camera or computer time!  Stick around...I WILL post more about our new home one of these days...even if it doesn't get done till winter gets here I WILL do it!  LOL

Ok, gotta get off here, haven't gotten the tomato sauce out of the canner yet, so I need to go do that and a few other things before bedtime gets here!  Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend...and hopefully you all who were in the path of the hurricane are safe!


  1. WOW! Sounds like BOTH of ya' might be doing a bit too much! I realize how much the clock is leaning on y'all, though. There's just some things that time won't wait for. Hopefully, y'all will be able to survive until you can get a bit of a rest in winter. Just pace safely!!

  2. I think there are a couple people on a certain farm who need to SLOW DOWN a little!!!

    But I hear you on the organizing. I would gladly give up new counters, if I could get stuff for organizing! *lol*



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