Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hot Water

Hot Water!

Time keeps slipping away from me, so I don't get everything done...or a blog post done! LOL We keep adding more and more to do it seems...just finished up getting a bunch of apples for pies into the freezer (mine AND my Mom's). I couldn't pass up the chance of getting some Jonathan apples, cause they are MY favorite for pies.

I did finally get a batch of body butter made today, for the first time since we moved, cause I'm almost out and didn't want to be without any. I had to cart it upstairs to make it in my kitchen, as I didn't have any electrical outlets in the soap room yet...(or water to clean up) but least I had all my stuff out where I could easily weigh the oils I needed before taking it upstairs to be mixed. I'm loving my soap room already! :-))

During clean up, it once again hit me how NICE it's been having a better water heater! Our water gets HOT now, where in Nebraska we had a tankless water heater that would only heat the water up to 120...which isn't hot enough to get greasy pans clean if you ask me! We choose a tankless in our last home, cause of not having a good spot for a big tank...but it's not something I will choose again, anytime soon.

When I got the sink full of hot soapy water, and put the pan in it, the leftover oils from my body butter just slid right off! Gotta love that!! I've been thankful for the hotter water since we moved, but never more than that moment, when I realized I didn't have to just push the oil around the pan and could actually get it clean...quickly! Praise God for finally having HOT water again!! :-))

I think we are working on canning some beets tomorrow...but today I'm taking it a little easier...doing laundry, making body butter...and if I'm not totally lazy this afternoon, I may actually get some cookies made for a change.  Been needing to, but been to busy with other things.  LOL

Life sure hasn't been boring since we moved...although sometimes I'm thinking I'd like it to be now and then!  :-))


  1. I love hearing about all the stuff you're getting to do with your Mom! You need to be taking photos! Smack in the middle of... whatever y'all are doing together! Especially the kind where one or both have the flour everywhere! LOL

  2. I love having HOT water too. In my opinion, I need lots of hot water and lots of suds, before I will believe that something is clean. *rofl*

  3. I totally agree with the hotwater thing! I have to have HOT water and lots of suds, or I won't believe it's really clean. *lol*


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