Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game Night

Getting ready for a family dinner

My Sister-in-law asked me shortly after we moved, if I'd want to host a game night once a month. I've always loved playing games, and can never get anyone to play with naturally I thought the idea was a GREAT one, and jumped on it! *giggle*

Well, ok, I didn't JUMP on it as in get it organized right away, cause time kept flying by and I kept forgetting about it...but I DID think it was a good idea...and figured I would, once we got to where we could.

We finally had our first one this month!! I was having fun playing games, so forgot to grab my camera and get a photo with PEOPLE in it...but hey, least I got a photo of the table as I was getting ready! LOL

I decided we would have a potluck supper before the games, and I'd provide the main dish...with everyone else filling in. Course, they may get tired of what I make, over the I am not sure how many different dishes I can come up with that everyone will eat...but guess if they do, they can come AFTER supper, just for the games. LOL Thankfully my family is more forgiving than some I know, and won't hold it against me if I can't seem to make something they like all the time. :-))

I'm so glad we finally had a little fun in this house, we've been so busy we haven't made to many good happy memories here yet, and it was starting to wear on me. I think I could really use some time off...or umm...a little bit of a slow down....or least some more fun!! LOL

Hopefully we can keep this game night up...and everyone who can come will  have a good time just being together playing whatever game we choose for the night. Its nice to have time with family, and have it be time spent having fun, I've sure missed that!

I know life isn't all fun and games...but they sure help make it better, so I'm looking forward to them now and then.  I'm getting a little more settled here, and starting to adapt to my new home to make some good memories and learn to leave everything else in God's hands.

I think the stress of the last several months has finally gotten to me and I'm trying to fight off a nasty tummy bug...but it will go away eventually, and I'll be able to feel like grabbing life with both hands of these days, till then I'll just keep hanging on and doing my best to trust God.  :-))

Sure can't wait for the next game night!  Hopefully someone will be able to come play a game with me, it was sure fun last time!  Thanks to all who came!  :-))


  1. You have done such a great job getting y'all's new place set up, Deb. Looks so pretty!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time with your family! ... And I am sure the food will be a big hit! :)


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