Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Cats

Tux...up a tree.

We brought 5 cats with us, when we moved...two boys, and three girls. We have 4 left...the "mamma" cat Sugar disappeared several weeks ago.

Shortly after we got everything moved, during a really hot spell, one of our Tom's...hubby's favorite cat...seemed to be loosing a lot of weight, and we didn't know if he would make it, but he snapped out of it and is back to normal.

This cat in the tree (Tux) is the other tom we brought...I always kinda liked him cause I like long hair cats, so hated to leave him behind.

They all seem to have taken to their new home, and I'll admit, I'm a little surprised we didn't loose more than just the one, with it being a new home and all, but am glad we aren't totally without some cats!

I do like watching them play, and the day I took this photo, Tux was in a playful mood. He played with a clump of grass...jumped up on the large hay bales and played around on them for a little while then raced to the tree as we were leaving the barn yard, and climbed it, so I had to get his photo.

I do enjoy spending time with our animals! Maybe now it's cooler, and I am not pushed quite as much, I can try to do a little more of that. They have a way of making me laugh! :-))


  1. Wow! And you let 'em all outside, as soon as y'all arrived? I'm shocked and surprised! Normally, they say you should confine them for a couple weeks, until they 'learn' the location of their new home. Awesome!!

  2. He is a beautiful cat! I could NEVER leave any of my cats behind. They are my babies. :)


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