Friday, November 02, 2012

Autumn is Getting Old


Autumn hasn't been feeling well the past couple weeks. She turned 11 this summer, and while she had been slowing down a little, she was still doing pretty good I thought.

However, she started feeling under the weather and the vet said she had the dog version of strep throat a couple weeks ago. We gave her the meds he sent us home with...and they helped, but once they were gone, she started going downhill back to the vet we went. He gave us more, which she is still taking.

Then...this weekend I noticed she was having trouble with her back legs...I knew she had been having trouble with the stairs, so we'd been helping her up and down them...but she was getting worse, so...yep...back to the vet we went. This time she has some anti-inflammatory meds.

Hopefully they help...and she gets better. My poor baby girl is getting old I'm afraid.

She is still pretty perky when there is food around...although still can't make it up the two steps from the porch to the dinning room, without help...but she sure tries, when there is food involved. LOL

Course, I will know there is something REALLY wrong, if she isn't interested in food...cause she does LOVE her food.

God willing, she will get over this rough patch, and give us several more years of her unconditional love...but...I just don't know if that's going to happen or not.

I'm certainly not ready to be down to one fur baby, and Peaches doesn't like other sure if we'd look for another one to soon. I'd like to actually have Peaches have puppies, so we could keep one of them...but we have to find a boy doxie for her to "play" with first...and she doesn't play well with others, so....who knows if we can. LOL

Right now though...we are just praying that Autumn gets better. She is our baby girl after all, and 11 isn't THAT it?

In better news...we had a new heifer calf born this morning!  Clover, the first heifer born to us when we got cows, had her first calf.  I can't believe we have had 3 calves so far this year...and they were ALL girls!  Course really...I wouldn't have been sad if it were a boy, since we really need the meat...but hopefully we can sell this one eventually, or trade it for a boy or two.  I'll share photos when I manage to get them off my camera.  LOL  One more to go, Honey should still give us a baby this year.  Can't wait to see it either!  :-))

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  1. Hope your dog gets better. A friend of mine lost a doxie on Christmas Eve, but he was 12 years old. So sad. :(


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