Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Our New Hillbilly home tour... porch/office

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

I know I promised everyone photos of the new calf we had last week...but darn it, they are still on my camera. LOL I've been doing other things, so haven't had time or ambition to get them off and uploaded. I'll sure try to get that done before to much longer.

BUT...since I did have these photos up already, I thought I'd (finally) start the inside tour of our new home. It's been hard to figure out how to organize it for some reason...things just don't "fit" as well in this house, as they did in our last one...so not everything is "done" yet, but I figured I better not wait till it was...or I may never do the tour like I promised I would! LOL There are also at least two rooms I'd like to still paint...but that will have to wait too, as I hate painting...and I don't have the money for more paint right now.

That first photo shows the front door. We walk in the front door to an enclosed porch. It's not real wide so it didn't work out to well for a "living room" like I had hoped to use it for.

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

It is working for our office...not perfectly, but working. Not really what I'd like to have people see first thing they walk in to my house, especially since I haven't figured out how to keep it uncluttered and looking nice (hubbies desk especially).

My desk is first, cause that way I don't have to try and wade through any mess DH may accumulate around his, (or try and get by him if he is at his computer) and his stuff is at the end of the porch. He does get it looking nice some...especially if we have warning someone is coming...but alas, it doesn't seem to stay that way. After all, flat empty spots are MEANT to be filled up with SOMETHING aren't they...which means a clean desk is just begging for more "stuff" to be put on it. (Or least it seems like that's his idea anyway...as I have trouble sometimes keeping the dinning room table cleaned off too...and some of THAT is me, not just DH.   LOL)

Needless to say it would have been MUCH nicer, if we had been able to have the office where we have the living room, and have the living room out here...but this porch just wasn't wide enough...a couple more feet, and I might have done it.

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

The porch holds our office things, as well as a few other things. I put up a shelf and put some of my plants out there, since the windows let in a lot of light. Course, when the sun moved south in the early fall, they ended up getting burned...cause I had them to close to the window...so I do have to be careful.

They had been looking really good, before that happened though. Much better than they ever looked in Tecumseh. There was something about that house out there they just didn't like. Hopefully they will get over being burned soon, and back to looking better than they have looked for years!

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

The view out of the windows on the porch is sure nice! Another reason I'd LOVED to have had the living room out here, so I could sit in comfort and look at the view...oh well, I did put my chair by a window in the living room, so least I can see the driveway and some of the pretty trees and view. :-))

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

We also had to hang our milker parts behind the front door...as it's the only place out of the way we could figure out to put it...besides down stairs, which wouldn't be to handy with the steps to have to traverse. If we ever get a back porch/pantry area built it will probably be moved out there...if there is room for it.

My Grandparents "secretary" now sits just inside our front door...like I always wanted it to.  It was always just inside of my grandmothers front door...so when I inherited it, that's the place I wanted to put it, but didn't have room to in Tecumseh.

Just beside the door into the dinning room (above the bookcase that holds our photo albums) I have the photos of all of our (past and present) doxie fur babies hung.  (except the first two hubby had when we got married...I didn't have a camera when we had them.  Oh and sorry...forgot to get a photo of them on the wall!  LOL).   A few other pictures and my Uncle's "fish" are scattered around the room.

All in all, even if it seems a bit cluttered, it's working out pretty well...and maybe we can eventually get it fine tuned.  Least it's starting to feel more like home, with the pictures hung, even if there are a few things I'd like to change about it.  :-))

More to come on our new Hillbilly home tour soon!  :-))

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  1. I don't think it looks too cluttered. It looks homey, which I think is nice. :)



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