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Digital Scrapbooking, Journaling & Tutorial links to help get you started.
Oils I use in my Soapmaking and personal care products.

Our Hillbilly Home - The story of how we got started with our farm
     Dreams do come true
     The Outhouse
     The Cabin
     The Cabin Kitchen
     Inside the Cabin
     God's Special Surprise
     Our first look inside
     Breaking Ground
     Pouring the Footings
     Blocking it Up
     Prepping the House
     The Big Move: part 1
     The Big Move: part 2
     Our Winter's Work
     Building the Kitchen
     Finishing Touches
     What's a farm, without Animals
     Final Thoughts
     Pigs must be flying...

Our New Hillbilly Hill Home...it's a continuing story, but here are some highlights of our first year or so.

     Farm News
     A Wild Untamed Land
     Praising God tonight 
     Ask and ye shall recieve
     Close enough for me!
     Getting ready for our barn
     Baby Girls
     Getting ready for winter
     Gas...and back news
     Rambles about our week
     Busy, Busy, Busy
     Our New Hillbilly Home Tour...porch/office
     Our New Hillbilly Home Tour...Dining Room
     Our New Hillbilly Home Tour...Kitchen
     Our New Hillbilly Home Tour...upstairs bathroom/hallway
     Our New Hillbilly Home Tour...Livingroom
     Our New Hillbilly Home Tour...Guest room
     Life is Good on the New Hillbilly Hill Farm

Below are a few of my favorite places to visit.

Scroungeman - A blog by my hubby filled with farm stories.
Wood Mosaics - My Dad's beautiful wood working products he sells.
KaRo Farms - My Dad's photos for sale.
Dad's Smugmug Photos - Taken around his farm.
Unique Designs - Aunt & Uncle's Etsy Shop
Our Story - A personal blog for family stories. (link is here for my own personal use...it's a private blog.)
My Backup blog- private at this time, unless something happens to blogger...then I'll make it public, till blogger is back up.
Mission to Isreal

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Gotta Pixel
Flicker photo stream

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Pioneer Woman
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